Wifey. Mama. Dog-Mom. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Nurse. Photographer. These are some of the titles that describe who I am and what I do - but even more importantly is the WHY behind all that I do - and that's my love of human connection & the moments we share with the people we love most.

the one behind the lens

Hi, I'm jess!

I first became inspired by photography when my dog Maverick and I began hiking together in the mountains. Whether we jumped in the car after a night shift, or slept underneath the stars enjoying our weekends together we absolutely loved to get out, adventure and explore. I got my first go pro camera, and I fell in love with photography. Throughout the years, my interest continued to grow and I purchased my first canon starter camera. My best friend's husband reached out to me and asked me to secretly photograph his proposal in the mountains. So there I was, hiding behind a tree at the look out point of Moraine Lake, completely disguised so my BFF didn't recognize me, ready to capture the start of the rest of their lives. I thought to myself what an honour it is to freeze peoples special moments for them to remember. I wanted to do this more! 

When my husband and I began planning our wedding, we really connected with our wedding photographer. Truly we did, and she has now become one of my very best friends! Little did I know, she offered mentorship sessions and as a wedding gift, my husband purchased a package from her so I could pursue this newfound passion I had discovered. 

So here I am today! Capturing magic and absolutely loving every second of it!   

How it all started

& emotion


inspired by

the fast + the furious saga

my guilty pleasure is:

dog hair. (love dogs. hate the hair)

I hate:

baby cuddles

You can wake me up at any time for:

to learn german

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